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80% companies are being overcharged by their current electric suppliers

A smart simple safe hassle-free way to save money

Energy Ogre

Our Core Values


We believe in growing with you. We support your growth by helping you save more on electricity so that you can garner greater profitability from your business.


Unflinching commitment towards work is what defines us. We value your requirements and are entirely dedicated to providing you with only the best.


The foundation of a long-lasting business association is to first understand your customer well. Therefore, we strive to build and maintain a strong relationship of trust with all our clients.

Our Core Purpose - To conserve global energy through committed solution

Our members average over 10%-20% in savings within their first month alone

Our Members Testimonials

Our research on 3000 light bills
reveals that nearly 80% of
Small and Medium Enterprises

pay unnecessarily high electricity bills;
that too without realizing, most of the times.

Your rate could skyrocket due to Power Factor Penalty Charges Exceeding Contract Demand Penalty Demand Charges Tariff Rates TOD Charges

You can now focus entirely on your core business operations, and look at higher profit margins without getting distracted!

To ensure the best service to you,
we make sure to preserve transparency all our dealings.

Our pricing structure is crystal clear,

We guarantee 100% satisfaction by

  • 100% stand with commitment
  • Undertaking of 100% saving
  • Having support system to dispute with electricity provider to resolve issue